iGlow Projects are innovation and love-driven initiatives seeking to tackle SDG-related challenges facing communities and social groups. Passionate aspiring social innovators are also encouraged to attend.

One of the current projects is the iGlow Conference, a program aimed at connecting, educating, equipping and empowering social entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and players of SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 11 and 17, for improved social innovation and impact.

iGlow Conference

The iGlow Conference is an annual event organized by LoveWorks LUN, to connect researchers, active players and leaders of social enterprises to present their novel works/ideas/initiatives solving SDG-needs in a community.

It aims at educating and empowering social innovators and aspiring ones with knowledge and tools for more sustainable social innovations in their communities.

The iGlow Conference also creates a platform for visibility and networking; exposure to current pressing social challenges and proposed solutions; opportunities for collaboration; research funding and much more.


The mind of a love-driven innovator is like a ticking clock; Awaken to needs of people around, and constantly seeking ways to solve them. Every great idea is a precious entrustment, because it has inherent potency of liberating the distressed if realized. To such a person, ideas are precious, but more precious are the people for whom the idea would positively impact and transform - LoveWorks

About the Organizers

LoveWorks is the arm of Love Umbrella Network (LUN) responsible for community services and social innovations. LUN is a social organization committed to spreading love and raising Love Ambassadors in families and communities.

LoveWorks aims at promoting growth and development in the livelihood of individuals and communities through education, network empowerment and sustainable projects with economic impacts.